all about eco friendly carpets

The awareness has caused a motivation in bringing out the best possible ecology and environment friendly products. Shoes, clothes, bags, and now carpet manufacturing companies are striving for Eco friendly yield. The general public or the customers are more concerned to the subject which has initiated a competition among the companies to show up the best of them.
The carpet manufacturing companies are using sustainable unconventional fibers and other recycled materials. They have made and are still making fast improvements for their conscious customers.
A carpet company devised a way to utilize PET bottles in carpet making. The PET bottles are drudged and pulverized first. Grinding will give them a shape of very small chips. These PET chips are then melted down and squeezed and pressed into the fiber. Then the fiber is gyrated into carpet thread. The labels and caps of the PET bottles were also being utilized in making the base of the carpet. This is where the carpet is wrapped and placed on outlet floors. The company’s website showed that since 1999 they have recycled more than 18 billion PET bottles that saved 1 billion pounds. The company was Mohawk flooring.
Another way is to have small carpet collector rooms in different areas where one can collect the old carpets. Then the old carpets can be recycled and made into new ones. This will save a lot of the carpet garbage to be wasted out.
There is another company by the name “Corn Carpets”. They manufacture carpets from the corn. Corn is harvested and then, in the mills and factories, grinded and cooked to make starch. Starch is a type of carbohydrates, which can be converted to sugar. Sugar is then converted to plastic which is utilized in making the carpets the same way PET bottles are utilized by extruding and then spinning. Petroleum is not used in the whole process, thus, carbon dioxide release is reduced to a considerable extent. No extra fiber or chemical is added to the carpets in order to increase the stain resistance of the material being used in the carpet making. Corn carpets are naturally biodegradable and recycled in landfills.